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YQ1130 Japan Eggplant Rootstock Seeds

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Experience the best with YQ1130 Japan Eggplant Rootstock Seeds, available in 5g (3,500 seeds) and 10g (7,000 seeds) options. Imported from Japan, these seeds offer excellent grafting compatibility, high resistance to soil-borne diseases, and robust growth. Ideal for grafting both long and round eggplant varieties, they ensure extended fruiting periods and cold tolerance for overwintering cultivation. With a 90% germination rate, 95% purity, and 98% cleanliness, these seeds guarantee high-quality performance and a lifespan of up to 2 years. Follow our cultivation tips for optimal results.

🌱 High-Quality Japanese Eggplant Rootstock Seeds: Available in original packaging with two size options: 5 grams (approximately 3,500 seeds) and 10 grams (approximately 7,000 seeds). Carefully sourced from Japan to ensure top-notch quality and authenticity.

🌱 Superior Grafting Compatibility and Disease Resistance:
   - Imported Torubamu variety with excellent grafting affinity for eggplant species.
   - Highly resistant to soil-borne diseases such as bacterial wilt, damping-off, and root-knot nematodes.
   - Strong root system extends the fruiting period by up to 5 months and is ideal for overwintering cultivation with excellent cold tolerance.

🌱 Ideal for Grafting Eggplant Varieties:
   - Specially designed for grafting with eggplant plants, including both long and round eggplant varieties.
   - Ensures robust plant growth and higher yield through effective grafting techniques.

🌱 Cultivation Tips for Optimal Growth: 
   - Germination: Use gibberellic acid solution or cytokinin to promote germination. Follow the instructions for solution preparation and concentration. Soak seeds in the solution for 1-2 days at a temperature of 15-20°C, then soak in warm water for 1 day. Seeds will start germinating in 7-9 days and can then be sown. Rootstock seedlings should be sown approximately 25 days before the scion.
   - Grafting: Perform cleft grafting or approach grafting when rootstock seedlings have 5-6 true leaves and scion seedlings have 4-5 true leaves.

🌱 Seed Quality and Longevity:
   - Purity of approximately 95%, cleanliness of 98%, and a germination rate of around 90%.
   - Moisture content of about 8%, ensuring seeds remain viable for up to 2 years.
   - Seeds are sourced directly from Japan, guaranteeing high-quality and reliable performance.

🌱 Name: Japan Eggplant Rootstock Seeds.
🌱 Grafting Rootstock: Eggplants.
🌱 Net Content: 5 Grams (approx 5 grams), or 10 Grams (approx 10 grams).
🌱 Original Package: Yes.
🌱 Seed Source From: Japan.

YQ1130 Japan Eggplant Rootstock Seeds
  • 5 grams (3500 Seeds) - $7.99
  • 10 grams (7000 Seeds) - $13.99