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Tall Snapdragon, Yellow

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Discover Bellfarm® Tall Snapdragon Seeds, featuring radiant yellow blooms ideal for gardens and floral arrangements. Choose from packs of 500 to 5000 seeds sourced from China's flower seedling base. This versatile perennial herbaceous plant thrives in well-lit areas with partial shade, offering functional benefits like monitoring air quality. Follow easy planting instructions for extended blooming from spring to autumn.

Bellfarm® Tall Snapdragon Seeds - Radiant Yellow Blooms: Dive into the world of Bellfarm® Tall Snapdragon seeds, offering a dazzling array of vibrant yellow blooms. Also known as Antirrhinum, dragon flowers, toadflax, dog flower, and bulldogs, choose from 500, 1000, 2000, or 5000 seeds sourced from China's esteemed flower seedling base. This perennial herbaceous plant, reaching approximately 60cm in height, is renowned for its cut flower versatility.
Lush and Versatile Addition to Any Space: Bellfarm® Tall Snapdragon, with its sturdy stems and large, lance-shaped leaves, is a lush and versatile option for gardens, landscapes, roadside cultivation, and indoor displays. Its deep yellow tubular flowers, blooming from July to October, add a touch of charm and elegance to any setting, making it a favorite among gardeners and flower enthusiasts.
Ideal for Floral Enthusiasts: Commonly known as cut flower Snapdragon, this variety is perfect for floral arrangements, boasting sturdy stems that support long-lasting blooms. Beyond its ornamental value, Tall Snapdragon's leaves can monitor chlorine levels in the air, showcasing its functional aspect. Additionally, its seeds are prized for their oil extraction potential, adding further value to this remarkable plant.
🌱 Optimal Growing Conditions: Bellfarm® Tall Snapdragon thrives in well-lit areas with partial shade, preferring cool temperatures and loose, fertile, well-drained soil. While it thrives in such conditions, it also exhibits tolerance to slightly alkaline soils, making it adaptable to various environmental settings and climates.
🌱 Planting Instructions: To extend the flowering period, Tall Snapdragon can be sown in spring, summer, and autumn. Prior to sowing, soak the seeds in a 0.5% potassium permanganate solution for 1-2 hours to eliminate surface pathogens. Use sterilized humus soil or peat soil as the planting substrate. Due to the small size of the seeds, mix them with fine sand for even distribution during sowing. Maintain a temperature of around 15-20°C for germination, and provide shade and protection from rain on seedbeds until transplanting at 4-6 true leaves stage.

🌱 Quantity: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 Seeds.
🌱 Color: Yellow.
🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.

Tall Snapdragon, Yellow
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