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Plastic Planter Pots for Indoor Outdoor Plants, Self Watering Flower Pots, Pack of 3

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🌱【Quantity & Size】Introducing our Plastic Planter Pots for Plants, the perfect way to showcase your green thumb in any space. Available in 5 sizes ranging from XS to XL, each package includes 3 pots with an inner pot that has a feedwater angle for easy care. Plus, we've included a self-locking water wire to keep your plants hydrated even when you're away.

🌱【Double-layer Design】With its double-layer design, these pots offer excellent storage for water, ensuring that your plants stay hydrated at all times. They are perfect for all of your indoor and outdoor plant needs! When you go out for a few days, these lazy pots will help you look after your plants.

🌱MaterialMade from non-poisonous, heat-and-cold resistant plastic materials, these pots are perfect for African violets, succulent orchids, and any other plants you love. Their high-strength and high-tenacity construction also guarantees that they will last for years to come, while remaining light and sturdy. 

🌱【Wide Application】Our pots are great for any living space, whether placed on a windowsill, desktop, bedroom, or living room. These self-watering flower pots come in a convenient pack of 3, making them perfect for starting or expanding your plant collection. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors to suit any decor.

🌱【Buy Now】With its self-watering feature and durable plastic material, these pots are perfect for beginners and seasoned plant parents alike. Whether you're looking to start your plant collection or expand your existing one, our Plastic Planter Pots offer a reliable and stylish option. Transform any space into a mini garden oasis with our Plastic Planter Pots for Indoor Outdoor Plants. Shop now and receive the best value with every purchase!


🌱 Name: Plastic Planter Pots for Indoor Outdoor Plants.

🌱 Qty: Pack of 3.

🌱 Size: Height x Width
      -XS: 8.5x7.5cm (3.4''x3.0'')
      -S: 11.5x9.5cm (4.5''x3.8'')
      -M: 15x12.5cm (5.9''x4.9'')
      -L: 18x15cm (7.1''x5.9'')
      -XL: 27x23cm (10.6''x9.1'')

🌱 Color: White or green.

🌱 Material: Plastic.


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Plastic Planter Pots for Indoor Outdoor Plants, Self Watering Flower Pots, Pack of 3
  • White / XS - $12.99
  • White / S - $17.99
  • White / M - $26.99
  • White / L - $38.99
  • Green / XS - $12.99
  • Green / S - $2.56
  • Green / M - $26.99
  • Green / L - $38.99
  • White / XL - $79.99
  • Green / XL - $79.99