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N224 Grafting Tape

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N224 Grafting Tape offers versatile size options from 2cm to 10cm (0.79in to 3.93in) with a length of 80 meters (262 FT) per roll. Made from high-quality, non-toxic PVC plastic, it provides excellent toughness, flexibility, and sealing properties. This yellow transparent tape promotes healing and protects against bacteria and fungi, ensuring high graft success rates. Perfect for secure and efficient grafting projects.

🌱 Versatile Size Options: Our yellow grafting tape offers a width range from 2cm to 10cm (0.79in to 3.93''), allowing you to choose the perfect size for your grafting needs. Each roll comes with an approximate total length of 80 meters (262 FT), providing ample material for multiple grafting projects.

🌱 Premium Quality Material: Made from high-quality, new PVC plastic, this grafting tape is non-toxic and odorless, ensuring long-lasting use without causing any pollution or damage to the grafting site. Its superior material enhances durability and effectiveness.

🌱 High Flexibility and Strength: The grafting tape boasts excellent toughness and tensile strength, making it easy to wrap around the grafting site securely without tearing. There is no need for tying knots after use, and it remains intact even against pets or birds that might try to disturb the grafting area.

🌱 Transparent and Sealing: Featuring a yellow transparent design without impurities, this tape offers excellent light transmission, which is beneficial for the healing of the grafting site. Its good sealing properties help prevent external bacteria and fungi from infecting the grafting area, thereby increasing the success rate of grafts.

🌱 Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Cut the rootstock and scion into suitable grafting shapes, ensuring smooth and flat contact surfaces. Align the scion with the rootstock, making sure they fit snugly together. Wrap the grafting tape around the grafting site from bottom to top, ensuring the contact surface is fully covered. Wrap the tape tightly to prevent air from entering and to keep the grafting site moist. After wrapping, you can spray some water on the surface to keep it moist and promote healing. Typically, the tape can be loosened or removed after observing the healing process in about 3-4 weeks.

🌱 Material: PVC Plastic.
🌱 Color: Yellow transparent.
🌱 Width: Available in sizes ranging from 2cm to 10cm (0.79 in to 3.93 in).
🌱 Length: Approx. 80m / roll (262 feet)
🌱 Quantity: The price is for one roll.


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N224 Grafting Tape
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