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N223 Plant Support Fixer

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The N223 Support Pole Fixer is a versatile plant support connector designed to seamlessly integrate bamboo or other material support poles. Crafted from premium quality PE material, it features a circular fixing plate with 12 vertical holes, accommodating both 8mm and 6mm support poles. This connector offers easy assembly, durability, and wide applicability, making it ideal for creating stable frameworks for various climbing plants like beans, peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers, ensuring optimal support throughout the growing season.

🌱 Versatile Plant Support Connector: This product is designed to connect bamboo or other material support poles effectively. The circular fixing plate features 12 vertical holes, with 6 outer holes (9mm / 0.35 in  diameter) suitable for 8mm / 0.31 in support poles, and 6 inner holes (7mm / 0.27 in diameter) suitable for 6mm / 0.23 in  support poles. This connector offers a seamless integration for your plant support structures.

🌱 Premium Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality PE material, this connector is sturdy, durable, and free from burrs, ensuring a smooth and scratch-free surface. It provides reliable support to your plants throughout the growing season and can be reused year after year without degradation.

🌱 Dual Compatibility for 8mm and 6mm Poles: The innovative design of this connector allows it to securely fix both 8mm / 0.31 in (outer holes) and 6mm / 0.23 in (inner holes) support poles. With 6 holes each for 8mm and 6mm / 0.23 in poles on the outer and inner circles respectively, you can create various stable framework combinations to meet the growth requirements of different plants.

🌱 Easy to Use: Simply insert one end of the support pole into the corresponding hole on the circular plate and adjust the height as needed. Then, insert the support pole into the ground to form a stable growth framework, providing optimal support for your climbing plants.

🌱 Wide Applicability: Made from durable plastic, this connector can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for creating frameworks around your garden. It can support a variety of climbing plants such as beans, peas, fava beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and many others, offering a versatile solution for your gardening needs.

🌱 Material: PE Plastic.
🌱 Outer Diameter of the Disc: 13.5cm (5.31 in)
🌱 Outer Ring Aperture of the Disc: 9mm (0.35 in).
🌱 Support Poles for Outer Ring Holes: 8mm (0.31 in) support poles.
🌱 Number of Holes in the Outer Ring: 6.
🌱 Inner Ring Aperture of the Disc: 7mm (0.27 in).
🌱 Support Poles for Inner Ring Holes: 6mm (0.23 in) support poles.
🌱 Number of Holes in the Outer Ring: 6.


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N223 Plant Support Fixer
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