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N222 Suport Pole Fixer

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The N222 Support Pole Fixer is a versatile and durable solution for your garden's plant support needs. Designed to accommodate 8mm (0.31 in) support poles, its modular pentagonal tray allows for easy assembly and disassembly. Crafted from premium PE material, this fixer provides reliable and sturdy support throughout the growing season. It's perfect for creating stable structures for a variety of climbing plants, making it a convenient, long-lasting, and sustainable choice for your garden.

🌱 Modular Design: This product features a fixed pentagonal tray designed to connect bamboo or other material support poles. Each pentagonal tray is assembled from five identical modules. Once assembled, the tray provides a total of 10 vertical holes (suitable for support poles with a diameter of 8mm (0.31'')) and 5 horizontal holes (suitable for support poles with a diameter of up to 11mm (0.43'')). This modular design allows for easy and flexible construction, making it ideal for various plant support structures.

🌱 High-Quality Material: Constructed from premium PE (polyethylene) material, this product is robust, durable, and free from burrs. The smooth, scratch-free surface ensures that it won't damage your plants. It provides reliable support throughout the growing season and can be reused year after year, making it a sustainable choice for your garden.

🌱 Easy Assembly and Disassembly: Each of the five identical modules is equipped with corresponding buckles and eyes, allowing for easy assembly by pressing slightly with your fingers. The assembly is secure and stable, ensuring a sturdy structure for your plants. After the growing season, the modules can be disassembled effortlessly for storage and reused the following year, offering both convenience and longevity.

🌱 Versatile 8mm (0.31'') Plant Support Connector: Designed specifically for 8mm (0.31'') support poles, each module includes two 8mm (0.31'') vertical holes (totaling 10 vertical holes) and one 11mm (0.43'') horizontal hole (totaling 5 horizontal holes). This essential accessory allows for the creation of various stable support structures to meet different plant growth requirements. Whether supporting vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers or climbing plants like beans and peas, this connector ensures your plants are well-supported throughout their growth.

🌱 Wide Range of Applications: Made from durable plastic, this connector can withstand the harshest weather conditions, making it perfect for garden use. It is ideal for creating support frames around your garden to assist with the growth of climbing plants such as beans, peas, broad beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and many more. Its versatility and durability make it an indispensable tool for any gardener looking to optimize their plant support system.

🌱 Material: PE Plastic.
🌱 Overall Assembled Dimensions: 16cm x 16cm (6.3 in x 6.3 in).
🌱 Overall Assembled Inner Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm (3.9 in x 3.9 in).
🌱 Vertical Hole Diameter on the Disk: 8mm (0.31 in).
🌱 Number of Vertical Holes : 10
🌱 Support Rod Size Suitable for Vertical Holes: 8mm (0.31 in) Diameter Support Rod.
🌱 Horizontal Hole Diameter on the Disk: 11mm (0.43 in).
🌱 Number of Horizontal Holes : 5.
🌱 Support Rod Size Suitable for Horizontal Holes: Max. 11mm (0.43 in) Diameter Support Rod.


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N222 Suport Pole Fixer
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