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N221 Strawberry Growing Holder

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The N221 Strawberry Growing Holder offers an innovative design with two semi-circular trays forming a 30cm x 29cm circular tray. Made from premium PP plastic, it ensures a non-toxic and durable environment for your strawberries. The 10cm height stand elevates plants for better sunlight and air circulation, boosting yield and fruit quality. Its detachable design allows easy assembly and cleaning, making it perfect for greenhouses, home gardens, and urban balconies. Optimize your gardening space and enjoy fresh, pristine strawberries at home.

🌱 Dimensions: This innovative strawberry growth tray is composed of two semi-circular trays that seamlessly join to form a perfect circular tray with an overall dimension of 30cm x 29cm (11.81'' x11.41''). Once the tray stand is installed, the height reaches 10cm (3.93''). This design ensures ample space for strawberry plants to grow and thrive, making it an ideal solution for optimizing your gardening space.

🌱 Material: Made from premium-grade PP (polypropylene) new plastic, this growth tray is engineered to be non-toxic and odorless, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your strawberries. The material is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, promising long-lasting use. The tray’s surface is meticulously finished to be exceptionally smooth, preventing any potential damage to delicate strawberry fruits, thereby ensuring they remain unblemished and pristine.

🌱 Detachable Design: The strawberry growth tray features a user-friendly, detachable design that allows for effortless assembly and disassembly. This makes it incredibly convenient to handle and maintain, minimizing the risk of hand injuries during setup and cleaning. The easy-to-clean structure ensures that you can maintain optimal hygiene and sanitation, crucial for healthy plant growth and fruit production.

🌱 Enhances Yield and Fruit Quality: The strawberry growth tray elevates the plants off the ground, preventing fruit from contacting the soil. This keeps the fruit clean and free from damage, while also promoting better sunlight and air circulation, thus increasing strawberry yield. Additionally, it extends the strawberry growing season. The stand protects strawberries from ground moisture and pests, allowing for an earlier start to the growing season and continuity until the end.

🌱 Wide Range of Applications: Versatile and adaptable, this growth tray is perfect for various cultivation settings. It is ideal for large-scale strawberry farming in greenhouses, ensuring organized and efficient plant distribution. Additionally, it is well-suited for home gardens, providing an excellent solution for those looking to grow strawberries in their backyard. The tray is also perfect for indoor gardening on balconies or patios, making it a great choice for urban gardeners who want to enjoy fresh strawberries right at home.

🌱 Material: PP Plastic.
🌱 Size: 30cm x 29cm (11.81'' x11.41'').
🌱 Height: 10cm (3.93'').
🌱 Color: Green.


N221 Strawberry Growing Holder
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