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N218 Water Flower Meter

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Our N218 water flow meter is designed for versatility and ease of use, featuring 3/4'' NPT and BSP thread options for global compatibility. With a clear LCD screen and single-button control, it offers four measurement modes (Single, Flow, Average, and Total) to accurately monitor water usage and flow rates. Made from durable ABS material and IPX5 waterproof rated, it is ideal for outdoor use in any weather. The built-in Hall sensor and IC chipset ensure precise measurements, making it perfect for preventing over-watering. Includes a CR2032 3V battery for immediate setup.

🌱 Versatile Connection Options & Easy Installation: Our water flow meter is available with two thread types: NPT (for US, Canada) and BSP (for EU, UK, AU, Asia). Both the inlet and outlet threads are 3/4'' in size, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of garden hoses and faucets. Installation and removal are quick and simple. Additionally, the flow meter comes with a CR2032 3V battery, making it ready to use right out of the box.

🌱 User-Friendly LCD Screen & One-Button Control: Equipped with an easy-to-read LCD screen and a single control button, this water flow meter allows you to effortlessly display and track water usage and flow rate from your faucet or outdoor garden hose. The clear display and intuitive operation make it simple to monitor your water consumption.

🌱 Four Measurement Modes: (1) Single Mode: Measures the water used in a single session. Press the button to view the last recorded usage. Hold the button for 3 seconds to reset. The display will reset to 0 for the next watering session. (2) Flow Mode: Measures the real-time flow rate. The LCD activates when water flows through the meter, displaying the current flow rate in gallons/minute or liters/minute. (3) Average Mode: Shows the average daily water usage over the past 7 days. (4) Total Mode: Displays the total water usage up to 99999 liters or gallons. Press the button to view the total, and hold for 3 seconds to reset.

🌱 Unit Conversion & Sleep Mode: In Flow Mode, hold the button to switch between gallons and liters. In other modes, holding the button resets the data. The LCD screen enters sleep mode automatically if there is no operation or water flow for 1 minute. Built-in Hall sensor and IC chipset ensure accurate measurements with less than 5% deviation, making it perfect for monitoring water usage and preventing over-watering.

🌱 Durable & Weather-Resistant Design: Constructed from high-quality, heavy-duty ABS material, this water flow meter is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. It is UV-resistant, sunproof, and rainproof, ensuring long-lasting durability. With an IPX5 waterproof rating, it is reliable for outdoor use, providing stable performance in various weather conditions.

🌱 Material: ABS Plastic.
🌱 Water Flow Rate: 1∽45.5 L/min (12.0 GAL/min).
🌱 Max Water Consumption: 99999L / 99999GAL.
🌱 Max Flow: 45.5 L/min or 12.0 GAL/min.
🌱 Measurement Tolerance: ±5%
🌱 Waterproof: IPX5.
🌱 Working Pressure: 0.5-8 Bar.
🌱 Water Temperature: 4.5℃∽45℃.
🌱 Battery Model: CR2032 3V (included).
N218 Water Flower Meter
  • NPT (for US, CA) - $17.99
  • BSP (for EU, UK, AU, Asia) - $17.99