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N217 Ground Stabilizing Fork

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The N217 Ground Stabilizing Fork is a versatile and durable gardening tool available in three sizes, designed to secure drip irrigation tubes and plant vines. Made from high-quality PP material, it features a barbed design for a firm grip in the soil. Easy to use and widely applicable, it’s perfect for ensuring orderly plant growth and securing garden covers.

🌱 Versatile Sizing Options: We offer three sizes of ground stabilizing forks to suit your needs: 15x6x3.6cm (5.9''x2.36''x1.41''), 13x6x3.6cm (5.11''x2.36''x1.41''), and 12x4.8x2.5cm (4.72''x1.89''x0.98''). These forks are designed to secure drip irrigation tubes with diameters up to 3.6cm (1.41 inch) and 2.5cm (0.98 inch). They can also be used to anchor plant vines to the ground, making them ideal for use as vine pressers.

🌱 Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality PP material, these ground stabilizing forks are extremely resilient and not easily breakable. Their smooth surfaces ensure they won't damage drip irrigation tubes or plant vines, making them a reliable choice for your gardening needs.

🌱 Barbed Design: Each fork features approximately six barbs on the lower section of the main shaft. This design enhances friction with the soil, ensuring that the fork stays firmly in place once inserted. Despite their secure hold, these forks are easy to insert into the soil and won't cause hand injuries during use.

🌱 Easy to Use: Simply insert the forks into the soil and secure your drip irrigation tubes or plant vines. This prevents the tubes from shifting on the ground and helps control the growth direction of your plants, reducing the risk of plant entanglement and ensuring orderly growth.

🌱 Wide Applicability: With diameters of 3.6cm (1.41 inch) and 2.5cm (0.98 inch), these forks are perfect for securing drip irrigation tubes with outer diameters up to these sizes. They are also ideal for anchoring plants with thicker creeping stems. Additionally, they can be used as stake anchors to secure garden plastic covers to the ground, lawns, or landscaping areas, making them highly versatile gardening tools.

🌱 Material: PP Plastic.
🌱 L Size: 15x6x3.6cm (5.9''x2.36''x1.41''); M Size: 13x6x3.6cm (5.11''x2.36''x1.41''); S Size: 12x4.8x2.5cm (4.72''x1.89''x0.98'').
🌱 Inner Diameter Size: L-3.6cm (1.41''); M-3.6cm (1.41''); S-2.5cm (0.98'').
🌱 Color: Red.


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N217 Ground Stabilizing Fork
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