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N216 Filter Paper Stickers, 0.22um

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The waterproof breathable film is a new type of polymer waterproof material with 0.22 micrometer micropores, which are smaller than water droplets by 10,000 times and larger than water vapor by 700 times. The microporous channels form a networked three-dimensional structure inside the film, evenly and densely distributed, which blocks dust and can capture particles as small as 0.22 micrometers. It prevents liquids like water from passing through while allowing smooth airflow, protecting sensitive components from liquid erosion, dissipating heat to prevent fogging on internal surfaces, balancing internal air pressure, and achieving dustproof effects.

🌱 Superior Heat and Pressure Resistance: Our synthetic filtering membranes offer excellent heat and pressure resistance, making them suitable for use in autoclaves. Each disc is backed with an adhesive layer, allowing easy application to containers. They are waterproof, dustproof, lightweight, and highly breathable, with an airflow rate of 550ml/cm²/min@7kpa.

🌱 Easy Application: To use, simply adhere the 0.22μm filter patch to the hole in the lid of your container. Ensure that the adhesive side of the synthetic filter membrane faces the lid. Press down firmly before sealing the container to ensure it sticks properly to the lid.

🌱 Reliable Filtration Efficiency: Measuring approximately 20mm (0.79'') in diameter, these filter membranes are made from EPTFE, ensuring long-term, reliable use. They provide excellent filtration efficiency, capable of filtering 0.22µm dust particles, ensuring your satisfaction.

🌱 Versatile Packaging Options: Each sheet contains 48 round waterproof and breathable membranes. We offer packages of 2, 5, 10, and 20 sheets, providing ample quantity to meet your daily use, replacement, and sharing needs, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience.

🌱 Wide Range of Applications: These synthetic filter stickers are widely used by mushroom producers and home growers. They are also suitable for lids, autoclaves, steam sterilizers, and can be used in car lights, motors, and electronic equipment.

🌱 Material: ePTEF.
🌱 One Full Size Sheet: 9.5cm x34cm (3.74'' x 13.4'').
🌱 A Round Filter Membrane Diameter: 2cm (0.79'').
🌱 Quantity of Filters per Sheet: 48PCS (3*16).

🌱 Thickness of Filter (Including Adhesive): 0.35mm
🌱 Pore Size of Filter Membrane: 0.22um.
🌱 Airflow Rate: 550ml/cm²/min@7kpa.
🌱 Waterproof Rating: IP68.

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N216 Filter Paper Stickers, 0.22um
  • 2 Sheets (48pcs/sheet) - $3.99
  • 5 Sheets (48pcs/sheet) - $9.49
  • 10 Sheets (48pcs/sheet) - $18.19
  • 20 Sheets (48pcs/sheet) - $35.99