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N199 LCD Garden Timer

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The Muciakie® N199 LCD Timer ensures reliable garden irrigation with two AA batteries lasting up to 12 months. It offers dual irrigation modes, a large easy-to-read LCD screen, a built-in stainless steel filter to prevent clogs, and a smart memory function that preserves schedules after battery changes. Perfect for efficient and hassle-free garden maintenance.

🌱 Reliable Power Source: The Muciakie® N199 operates on two AA alkaline batteries, providing a robust and consistent power supply. Typical alkaline batteries offer a lifespan of up to 12 months, ensuring long-lasting performance without frequent battery replacements, making it a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for your irrigation needs.

🌱 Dual Irrigation Modes: This advanced timer offers two distinct irrigation modes to meet your watering needs. The manual mode allows for temporary watering without disrupting programmed schedules. The programmable mode supports up to 4 customizable watering schedules. Each schedule can be tailored with precise start times, adjustable watering durations (from as short as 1 minute to as long as 9 hours and 59 minutes), and flexible watering intervals (ranging from 1 to 30 days). For example, setting an interval of '01' ensures daily watering, while '02' schedules watering every other day.

🌱 User-Friendly LCD Screen: Featuring a large and easy-to-read 5.0x5.0cm (2.0'' x 2.0'') LCD screen, the Muciakie® N199 provides clear, easy-to-read information. The screen displays the current time, scheduled start time, watering duration, watering frequency, and the time remaining until the next irrigation. Its intuitive design ensures that even older users can effortlessly read and operate the timer.

🌱 Efficient Built-In Filter: The timer is equipped with a stainless steel filter at the water inlet to effectively remove impurities from the water, preventing clogs and mechanical issues caused by poor water quality. For optimal performance, users are encouraged to clean the filter regularly, especially if the water quality is subpar.

🌱 Smart Memory Function: The Muciakie® N199 boasts a memory function that preserves your watering schedules even after battery replacement. This intelligent feature ensures that your irrigation programs continue to run seamlessly without any disruptions.

🌱 Working Pressure: 1~8Bar (14~116PSI).
🌱 Frequency (How Often): From 1 to 30 days.
🌱 Water Time (How Long): From 1 minute to 9 hour 59 minutes.
🌱 Connection Size: 1/2'', 3/4'', 1''.
🌱 Material: ABS material.
🌱 Power by: 2 AA Alkaline batteries (NOT included).
🌱 Working Flow: 500-1700 L/h.
🌱 Operating Temperature: 0~60℃ (32℉~140℉)
🌱 Waterproof Grade: IP65.
🌱 Certificate: FCC ID /CE RED/RoHS.

Package Contains:
1 x N199 LCD Timer
1 x English Instruction

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N199 LCD Garden Timer
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