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N194 Ball Timer

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Experience efficient and versatile irrigation management with the Muciakie® N194 Ball Valve Garden Timer. Powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included) with a 6-month lifespan, this timer offers dual irrigation modes, precise customization for up to 8 watering programs, integrated stainless steel filtration for clean water flow, and an intelligent memory function for uninterrupted operation during battery changes. Simplify your watering tasks and enjoy reliable performance with this innovative timer.

🌱 Efficient Power Supply: The Muciakie® N194 Ball Valve Garden Timer operates using 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included), ensuring long-lasting performance and energy efficiency. With an average battery life of 6 months, it provides reliable irrigation scheduling without frequent battery changes.

🌱 Versatile Ball Valve Design: Unlike traditional electromagnetic valve timers, this timer features a robust ball valve design. This design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including barrels, water tanks, and irrigation systems operating under 0 pressure conditions. It's also compatible with water outlets up to 8 bar (115 PSI), offering versatility in various watering setups.

🌱 Dual Irrigation Modes: This timer offers two distinct irrigation modes to accommodate varying watering requirements. The temporary irrigation mode allows on-demand watering without affecting pre-set programs. On the other hand, the programmed irrigation mode supports up to 8 customizable watering programs. Each program enables users to define specific start times, watering durations (ranging from 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes), and watering interval days (1-30 days). This flexibility allows tailored irrigation scheduling, whether for daily watering, alternate-day watering, or specific interval-based watering needs.

🌱 Enhanced Water Quality: Equipped with an integrated stainless steel filter mesh at the water inlet, this timer ensures clean and debris-free water flow. The filter effectively removes impurities, safeguarding the timer from potential clogs or malfunctions caused by water contaminants. Regular cleaning of the filter is recommended for optimal performance, especially in areas with poor water quality.

🌱 Intelligent Memory Function: With its intelligent memory function, this timer retains programmed settings even after battery replacements. This feature eliminates the risk of program interruptions due to battery changes, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operation. Users can rely on the timer's memory function to preserve their preferred irrigation schedules and settings, providing hassle-free maintenance and consistent watering management.

🌱 Working Pressure: 0~8Bar (0~115PSI).
Watering Duration: 1 min to 9 hours 59 mins.
🌱 Max Programs: Up to 8 programs.

🌱 Connection Size: 1/2'', 3/4''.
🌱 Material: ABS material.
🌱 Power by: 2 AAA Alkaline batteries (NOT included).
🌱 Working Flow: 500-1700 L/h.
🌱 Operating Temperature: 0~60℃ (32℉~140℉)
🌱 Waterproof Grade: IP65.
🌱 Certificate: FCC ID /CE RED/RoHS.

Package Contains:
x N194 Ball Timer
x English Instruction

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N194 Ball Timer
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