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Jingyan® Divine No.2 Chinese Leek Seeds

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Elevate your garden with Jingyan® Divine No.2 Leek Seeds. Each bag holds premium 5g seeds from the renowned National (Beijing) Vegetable Research Center. Enjoy rapid growth, delightful taste, and top-notch disease resistance for seven annual harvests. Follow our guidelines for success. Quality benchmarks: purity ≥95.0%, net purity ≥97%, germination rate ≥80%, moisture content ≤7.0%. Cultivate excellence with Jingyan® Divine No.2.

Jingyan® Divine No.2 Chinese Leek Seeds: Each bag contains approximately 5g of seeds. Choose from 1, 2, 5, or 10 bags. This variety originates from the National (Beijing) Vegetable Research Center.
Exceptional Japanese Selection: Characterized by slightly purple roots and green leaves with wide, flat leaf blades. Robust plants with an elegant appearance, reaching a height of around 40cm (16''). Boasting a delightful taste, the leeks grow rapidly.
Superior Quality and Disease Resistance: This variety is of high quality, with minimal fiber and excellent disease resistance. Noteworthy for its cold resistance and high yield, making it suitable for outdoor cultivation with approximately seven harvests per year. A top-notch commodity.
🌱 Cultivation Guidelines: Follow these key points for cultivation – use wide furrows with a seeding width of 15cm (6''), spacing each furrow by 20cm (8''). The furrow depth should be around 15cm (6''). After sowing, cover with a layer of fine soil about one finger thick. During germination, ensure the soil remains consistently moist. For protected cultivation, the recommended seeding quantity is 2.5-3kgs per acre.
🌱 Quality Standards: Quality benchmarks for this product include a purity of ≥95.0%, net purity of ≥97%, germination rate of ≥80%, and moisture content of ≤7.0%. Rest assured, you're getting a top-tier leek seed with these specifications.


🌱 Quantity: 1 Bag (5 grams Seeds / Bag), 2 Bags, 5 Bags, 10 Bags.
🌱 Color: Green-purple.
🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.

Jingyan® Divine No.2 Chinese Leek Seeds
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  • 2 Bags - $5.99
  • 5 Bags - $10.99
  • 10 Bags - $19.99