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Jingyan® Cutting-Edge Cultivar Scallion Seeds

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Jingyan® Scallion Seeds: Perfect your garden effortlessly with Jingyan®. Each 5g packet offers flexibility (1-10 packets). Originating from the esteemed National (Beijing) Vegetable Research Center, these seeds promise vibrant, aromatic scallions in just 60 days. Heat and drought-resistant, adaptable to any condition, with purity ≥95.0%, clarity ≥97%, germination rate ≥80%, and moisture content ≤10.0%. Elevate your garden with ease.

Jingyan® Cutting-Edge Cultivar Scallion Seeds: Introducing the groundbreaking variety, each packet containing around 3 grams of innovative seeds. Choose from 1, 2, 5, or 10 packets to suit your needs. This variety hails from the distinguished National (Beijing) Vegetable Research Center.
Unique Traits: This selectively bred new cultivar boasts a deeper color, thickened scallion walls resistant to breakage, and superior cold tolerance compared to traditional varieties like Seasonal Scallion Seeds and Japanese Green Onions.
Plant Characteristics: With a height of approximately 40cm (16''), this cultivar excels in market appeal and maintains its slender profile, even during spring, earning favor from both sellers and consumers. Harvestable in just 60 days after sowing, enjoy multiple harvests by pulling up the roots or selectively picking leaves. Known for broad adaptability and high yields.
🌱 Cultivation Guidelines: Plant these seeds year-round, with high yields during spring and autumn. Optimal results require sufficient base fertilizer, timely additional fertilization, and transplanting seedlings with a recommended usage of 1.5-3kgs per acre. For direct sowing, use 5-6kgs, with a plant spacing of 15x15cm (6''x6'').
🌱 Quality Standards: Expect top-tier quality, with a purity of ≥95.0%, clarity of ≥97%, a germination rate of ≥80%, and moisture content limited to ≤10.0%. Elevate your cultivation endeavors with the superior quality of Jingyan® Cutting-Edge Cultivar Scallion Seeds.


🌱 Quantity: 1 Bag (3 grams Seeds / Bag), 2 Bags, 5 Bags, 10 Bags.
🌱 Color: Green-white.
🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.

Jingyan® Cutting-Edge Cultivar Scallion Seeds
  • 1 Bag (3 Grams Seeds) - $3.99
  • 2 Bags - $5.99
  • 5 Bags - $10.99
  • 10 Bags - $19.99