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Jingyan® Baby Spinach Seeds

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Discover the excellence of Jingyan® Baby Spinach Seeds – a premium hybrid from Beijing Vegetable Research Center. With vibrant growth, lush green leaves, and high yields, it's the top choice in the small spinach market. Ensuring stability and productivity, follow cultivation tips for optimal results. From ideal germination temperatures to quality assurance exceeding 95%, Jingyan® elevates your garden. 

Jingyan® Baby Spinach Seeds: Each bag contains approximately 10 grams of seeds sourced from the National (Beijing) Vegetable Research Center.
Hybrid F1 Variety: Experience the allure of this hybrid Baby Spinach with its lush dark green leaves, distinctive elliptical shape, and olive-green stems. It boasts a compact and upright growth, presenting a visually appealing plant. The leaves are thick and neatly arranged, while the flexible stems make bundling easy. This variety exhibits vigorous growth, rapid development, and high yields, making it a mainstream choice in the small spinach market. 
Premium Quality: This variety excels in meeting temperature requirements, ensuring optimal and stable yields with outstanding productivity.
🌱 Cultivation Guidelines: Achieve optimal germination with a suitable temperature range of 15-20°C. Germination rates are compromised below 14°C or above 30°C. Ideal growth occurs in temperatures between 20-30°C. Early spring cultivation benefits from greenhouse warmth, and the variety thrives in fertile sandy alkaline soils.
🌱 Quality Assurance: Embrace top-notch quality with purity exceeding 95.0%, net purity over 97%, germination rates surpassing 85%, and a moisture content of less than 10%. Elevate your gardening experience with Jingyan® Baby Spinach Seeds


🌱 Quantity: 1 Bag (10 grams Seeds / Bag).
🌱 Color: Dark green.
🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.

Jingyan® Baby Spinach Seeds
  • 1 Bag (10 Grams Seeds) - $5.99