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Muciakie® Insect Barrier Net Bags, Set of 50

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🌱【Set of 50 Bet Bags with Drawstring】- The perfect solution for protecting your fruits, plants, herbs, and vegetables from pesky insects, birds, and animals. This set of 50 nylon mesh bags is designed to provide a protective shield while allowing air and sunlight to pass through. 
🌱【the Smallest Mesh Size of 0.425mm】- Our fruit protection bags have a mesh size of 0.425mm, making them an ideal barrier against even the tiniest of pests. Made from non-toxic and stretchy nylon, these bags are soft to touch and gentle on your produce. 
🌱【Drawstring Design】- With their drawstring design, these bags are easy to secure around your fruits, vegetables, flowers, or even potted plants. The tight closure ensures that no insects or pests can sneak in, providing a safe environment for your plants.
🌱【Multi Usage】- Not only do these bags offer protection against insects and bugs, but they also act as harvest bags, allowing you to store plant seeds or fruits conveniently. The versatile design makes them suitable for various uses in your garden or greenhouse.
🌱【Must for a Gardener】- Give your crops the ultimate defense against insect invasion with our Insect Barrier Net Bags. Whether you're a professional farmer or an avid gardener, these bags are a must-have for maintaining the quality and quantity of your produce.

🌱 Color: White.
🌱 Material: Nylon.
🌱 Size: Multi-sized are available.
🌱 Drawstring Included: Yes.
🌱 Mesh Size: 0.425mm
🌱 Quantity: Set of 50.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gerhard Tromp

Very well. Corresponds exactly to the description and what I wanted.

Gaetano Bode

The product is familiar, this is not the first time I take it. Delivery is prompt, half a month to foam.

Arvel Bauch

👏👏👏Great bags this time to protect the bunches of grapes. The size is ideal as you have several to choose from.
Very well finished.
The seller very fast to ship them and the shipping was very fast, highly recommended👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍👏

Kraig Boehm

fast delivery! excelent product!

Chasity Kohler

It was smaller than imagined but good transaction otherwise.

Muciakie® Insect Barrier Net Bags, Set of 50
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