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Easy-to-Grow Elegance: 5 Bags (200 Seeds / Bag) of 'Red Saint' Cherry Tomatoes

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🌱 Introducing 'Red Saint' Cherry Tomato Seeds – a treasure trove of approximately 200 seeds per pack, and you get a total of 5 packs! This fruit-type cherry tomato variety boasts robust plant growth and an indeterminate nature, ensuring an endless supply of delicious tomatoes. With widespread adaptability, crack resistance, and easy cultivation, these seeds promise a bountiful harvest.
🌱 Each cluster yields 7-8 charming oval-shaped fruits, characterized by their pleasing appearance and vibrant red hue upon ripening. The average weight of each tomato is around 13 grams, ensuring uniformity in size and a delectable taste that will elevate your culinary experiences.
🌱 Perfectly suited for cultivation in small farmyards or garden plots, 'Red Saint' thrives in a home setting but may not be ideal for large-scale farming. Elevate your gardening journey with these seeds and savor the joy of growing your own flavorful and visually appealing cherry tomatoes.


🌱 Quantity: 5 Bags ( approx 200 seeds / bag).
🌱 Plant Height: Climbing vines.
🌱 Color: Red.
🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.


Customer Reviews

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William Yevich Sr
Growing Well

Just started planting them and they are sprouting just fine. It will be another 2-4 weeks before they go in our garden.

Easy-to-Grow Elegance: 5 Bags (200 Seeds / Bag) of 'Red Saint' Cherry Tomatoes
  • $5.99