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Pink Muhly Grass

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Bellfarm® Pink Muhly Grass Seeds offer captivating Cotton Candy Grass or Muhlenbergia Capillaris varieties. Versatile and adaptable, they transform gardens with pink misty oceans from September to mid-November. Ideal for mass plantings, focal points, containers, or decorative edges.

Exotic Variety Selection: Elevate your garden with Bellfarm® Pink Muhly Grass Seeds, a captivating variety also known as Cotton Candy Grass or Muhlenbergia Capillaris. These seeds are meticulously sourced and curated by our expert team, offering you options of 50, 100, 500, or 1000 seeds to kickstart your landscaping journey.

Stunning Visual Display : Experience the breathtaking beauty of Pink Muhly Grass, a perennial warm-season herbaceous grass boasting heights of 30-90cm (12''-36'') and spreads up to 60-90cm (24''-36'') wide. Its gracefully arched green leaves complement the mesmerizing cloud-like pink flower plumes that adorn the landscape from September to November. This spectacle transforms your garden into a pink misty ocean, maintaining its visual charm from early fall to mid-November, ensuring an outstanding visual impact.

Versatile Landscaping Marvel: Discover the versatility of Pink Muhly Grass as it lends itself perfectly to mass plantings, creating a striking and picturesque landscape. Beyond its mass appeal, this grass variety can also be utilized individually to add focal points, in pots for container gardening, or as a decorative background or edging material, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

🌱 Adaptability and Vigorous Growth: Pink Muhly Grass thrives in a range of conditions, from well-drained soil to areas with full sun exposure or partial shade. Its resilience allows it to withstand drought, heat, and poor soil conditions, making it an ideal choice for various landscaping projects. With its preference for sunlight but tolerance for partial shade, this grass exhibits robust adaptability to different soil types and environmental factors, ensuring vigorous growth and vibrant displays.

🌱 Planting Instructions: Cultivating Pink Muhly Grass is a rewarding experience. Begin by scattering the tiny seeds directly onto the soil surface in the morning or evening, lightly covering them with a thin layer of soil (about 1cm deep). Ensure the soil remains consistently moist to facilitate germination, typically occurring within 5-9 days. Once the seedlings emerge, maintain regular watering and appropriate fertilization from June to October to encourage robust growth and vibrant flowering, ensuring a stunning and flourishing Pink Muhly Grass display in your garden.

🌱 Quantity: 50, 100, 500, 1000 Seeds.
🌱 Leaves Color: Pink.
🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.

Pink Muhly Grass
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