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6-Pod 1.9L Hydroponic System with Oxygen Pump and 20W LED Grow Light, 3-Mode Automatic Timing

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Hydropomics Circulation System- This indoor garden germination kit is designed with a water circulation system to increase the oxygen in the water. It grows faster in nutrient water than in soil. You can fully control the weather throughout the year.
🌱【High Performance Grow Light】- The 20-watt LED light of the hydroponic plant growth system simulates the sunlight spectrum, which can promote the photosynthesis of vegetables in any weather. Indoor gardening with vegetables can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom or office. The indoor garden kit is an educational gift for children to help them observe the growth process. Parents and grandparents will also like fresh vegetables all year round.
🌱【LED Color】- 74 * Daylight White Leap Bead, 6 * Red Leap Bead, 2 * Blue Leap Bead.

🌱【Water Pump Circulation Mode】- Hydropoinics system has a built-in lighting timer. Once you set it up, it will automatically turn on or off every day.
      - Mode A: On for 12 hours and OFF for 12 hours every day.
      - Mode A: On for 14 hours and OFF for 10 hours every day.
      - Mode A: On for 16 hours and OFF for 8 hours every day.
If you want a change the timer of day when your lights turn on, touch and hold your finger on the ☀ button for 5 secs. Your grow lights will turn on at this time every day.
Them pump is silent. You can sleep well in the same room as the family garden.

🌱【Height Adjustable Garden Kit】- The height of the lighting part of the hydroponic planting system can be adjusted to adapt to the vegetables at different growth stages, thereby helping the vegetables absorb the energy of the LED light and promote growth.  With the included 6 pods, you can grow up to 6 plants up to 38cm tall at the same time.

🌱 Function
- Indoor hydroponic planter.
🌱 Control method- Touch control.

🌱 Plug- US/EU/UK/AU available.
🌱 Color- White, black are available
🌱 Shell material- ABS + aluminum
🌱 Voltage- 110-240V
🌱 Maximum power- 20W

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Alia Jacobi

Super VEC uz v Tom rastie zelenina

Eldred Bednar


Chelsey Cremin

Beautiful product

Dorothea Muller

I don't know yet but still good.

Julius Berge

Works perfectly, I love it.

6-Pod 1.9L Hydroponic System with Oxygen Pump and 20W LED Grow Light, 3-Mode Automatic Timing
  • White / US - $89.99
  • Black / US - $89.99
  • White / EU - $89.99
  • Black / EU - $89.99
  • White / UK - $89.99
  • Black / UK - $89.99
  • White / AU - $89.99
  • Black / AU - $89.99