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3/8'' (Inner Dia 8mm, Outer Dia 11mm) PVC Soft Hose, Black

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  - [3/8'' PVC SOFT HOSE] - Our high-quality 3/8'' (Inner Dia 8mm, Outer Dia 11mm) PVC Soft Hose in a sleek black color! This flexible hose is perfect for all your garden irrigation needs. The soft PVC material ensures a durable and long-lasting solution for drip irrigation and is a must-have for home garden watering.  

  - [FLEXIBLE DESIGN] -Designed for ease of use, this PVC hose is incredibly flexible, making it convenient to maneuver and position as needed. Whether you are watering a small flower bed or a large garden, this hose is up to the task. .  

  - [MAIN LINE OR BRANCH USAGE] - With a bright black hose skin, this hose stands out and adds a touch of style to your garden. The inner diameter of 8mm allows for a smooth flow of water, while the outer diameter of 11mm provides added strength and sturdiness.  

  - [A MUST FOR GARDENERS] - Our 3/8'' PVC Soft Hose is perfect for both professional landscapers and home garden enthusiasts. Its superior quality, flexibility, and perfect size make it an ideal choice for all watering needs. 

  - [UPDATED NOW] - Invest in this reliable PVC hose today and experience the convenience and effectiveness it brings to your garden irrigation. Say goodbye to tangled hoses and inefficient watering methods. Upgrade to our 3/8'' PVC Soft Hose and enjoy a hassle-free and efficient watering experience.


  - Color: Black
  - Size: 3/8'' (Inner diameter 8mm, outer diameter 11mm)
  - Materail: PVC Soft 

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Blanca Schuster

Very good

3/8'' (Inner Dia 8mm, Outer Dia 11mm) PVC Soft Hose, Black
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