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20 Inoculation Sticks, Autoclave PP Plastic Commercial Grade for Mushroom Cultivation

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🌱【Quantity & Material】Introducing our 20 Inoculation Sticks made of autoclave PP plastic commercial grade, specially designed for mushroom cultivation. These reusable sticks are perfect for both beginners and experts in the field.

🌱【Reusable & Autoclavable】They are reusable and autoclavable, making it easy for you to sterilize between uses. We offer 5 different sizes to fit your specific needs. 

🌱【Other Advantages】Our Inoculation Sticks have many advantages, including their durability and ease of use. The autoclave PP plastic material is sturdy and can withstand high temperatures. The reusable design allows you to save money and be environmentally friendly. In addition, the sticks are easy to clean and sanitize, ensuring optimal cleanliness for each use. 

🌱【Usage Method】The inoculation sticks are used by some growers. They are inserted into the center of the bottle after it is filled with substrate and prior to sterilization or pasteurization. When it is time to inoculate the substrate the inoculation sticks are removed and replaced with the inoculum which is sometimes a form of liquid mycelium or mycelium grain. This allows for deep and even distribution of the mycelium growth and prevents the need for shaking the bottles.

🌱【a Must-have Tool】Whether you are growing mushrooms for personal consumption or as a business venture, these Inoculation Sticks are a must-have tool. They are the perfect addition to any mushroom cultivation kit and will help ensure a successful harvest. Don't wait any longer, get yours today and take your mushroom growing to the next level!


🌱 Name: 20 Inoculation Sticks.

🌱 Qty: 20PCS.

🌱 Length: 13cm(5.12''), 16cm(6.30''), 18cm(7.08''), 20cm(7.87''), 25cm(9.84'').

🌱 Rod Diameter: Approx 2cm (0.79'').

🌱 Color: Army green.

🌱 Material: PP Plastic

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20 Inoculation Sticks, Autoclave PP Plastic Commercial Grade for Mushroom Cultivation
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